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the bad guy wears black, but plays a white guitar
15 May
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A little about me? Ain't nothing little about it. Been all over the place, seen and done it all. I've been a rock star, a wrestling school dropout, a student, a teacher, an icon and a role model, a lover and a fighter (sometimes at the same time), a bastard, a friend, an addict, and currently drunk. At the urging of my oldest friend, I've decided to commit my thoughts to this journal, before someone steals all my shit like they've been doing for many years. Please direct all criticizms to gohavesexwithyourself@pissoff.com. Wankers.

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Date Created:4/13/2004
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God's own prototype. A high powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too Weird to live. Too rare to die.
Strengths: High tolerance for pain, drugs, alcohol, asininity. Crazy cardiovascular. Bullet-proof. Stubborn as fuck.
Weaknesses: Short skirts, Redheads, Grey Goose, the color yellow
Special Skills: Con man of the highest caliber. Able to surf the Synchronicity Superhighway with ease.
Weapons: Power Ring. Katana Blade. Washburn HB-35 (this machine kills Normals)
Signature Moves: The Gotcha, The Glavins-plex, The Wipe-out, The HumungaKowabungaFromDownUnder

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